Quality of Products SKILLUS

For many years, SKILLUS has been improving its manufacturing process of gold layered jewelry to meet the customers’ highest requirements. The result of this trajectory is the recognition and success SKILLUS has reached worldwide.

SKILLUS jewelry are produced not only with the best raw material available in the market, but also with orientation of passionate and qualified personal who demands absolute confidence from partners and suppliers.

SKILLUS is certified ISO 9001, keeping a constant interest in a rigorous control in its manufacturing process.Therefore, SKILLUS counts on an experienced and highly qualified team of technicians and engineers to help deliver the finest 18k layers of gold jewelry to consumers who enjoy quality.

More than gold layered jewelry, SKILLUS interprets in its products dedication, passion and love; and opens anew way of life for all customers and their deepest dream. After all, small details make a huge difference.

Antiallergic Products

Moreover beauty and design, SKILLUS also worries about consumers’ health. Every SKILLUS products are regularly tested by highly qualified technicians to guarantee quality and safety to consumers.

The products receive thicker layers of gold in its composition, are nickel free and consequently hypoallergenic.

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